It’s a hot week in Dallas TX

It’s Tuesday night, and I’m in Dallas. This morning, I flew out on the first Newark flight on American Airlines. I was up at 3:30 AM to pack and do some last-minute tasks before leaving, and left the house at 5 AM.  I made great time to Newark, parked in economy, and was at Terminal A by 6 AM. I’m not sure how I made such good time, but it was probably due to speeding just a little on the Turnpike. Just a little. 😉

The distinctive Rental Car Center @ DFW

The distinctive Rental Car Center @ DFW

What was interesting  in all this was that someone was  checking luggage size for everyone. Right before entering the TSA security line, an airline employee (I assume an airline employee) was religiously checking everyone’s carry-on luggage size before entering the security line. Even if the feet on your carry-on was sticking out of the little “Will Your Carry-On Fit the Overhead Compartment?” metal bracket sizer-thing, he sent you back to the ticketing desk to pay to check your bag. No ifs, ands, or buts. He checked anybody with a roller or large bag.  These airline fees are ridiculous. Believe it or not, as my ticket was being processed during purchase, I could have sworn that I saw “Landing Fees.” How can they charge a fee for landing? Is that even an option? Does Wikipedia lie?

My ride this week: a Chevy Cobalt

My ride this week: a Chevy Cobalt

I grabbed a quick light breakfast near the gate, and waited the hour before boarding. On the flight, I had the middle seat for 4 hours. It wasn’t terrible, but I’m glad I had my trusty iPod Touch to watch a movie. I tried to do some work, but it was so cramped, I couldn’t put my laptop on the seatback tray. I haven’t travelled by airplane in over a year, but I don’t know how frequent travellers do it nowadays. I used to really enjoy travel, but that was pre-2002 and before all the restrictions and delays that have marked air travel. It used to be more fun. I don’t have a problem with once in a while, and am glad my job doesn’t require me to be on the road all the time. I have friends who travel constantly. God bless ’em.

The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport

The Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport

We landed 30 mins early, picked up my rental car (a Chevy Cobalt), and was off to the office. Dallas is pretty hot  — the sun is just beating down you. I checked into the Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport this evening (for a phenomenally low rate.) It’s a nice room, free wired/wireless internet, nice gym, and free breakfast every morning. The flat screen TV is ok, but there are no HD channels. How odd is that?

That’s the big update this week, not much is going on. The only highlight is that I have no idea what type of souvenirs to pick up for the family before Friday. If you have suggestions, leave a comment.

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  1. jbizzle says:

    It’s Dallas, dude. Most people don’t want to admit that they are there. You are a brave man. If there is a hell, I’d rather be there than Dallas.

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