Happy 14th birthday, Josh!

Our son Joshua turned 14 this week. Serious. If you look away for too long, your kids will be taller before you know it. They have their own tastes in music. They make their own decisions on who they want to hang out with, or don’t want to hang out with. They have their own sense of humor. Their own feelings.

But mostly, they get taller. And their clothes don’t fit.

I’m proud that he’s coming into his own, and slowly figuring things out. He had a rough start to middle school 3 years ago, but he’s quietly improved and figured out better strategies. He starts high school in September with all honors classes. He’s also a patrol leader in his Boy Scout Troop, and has met almost all of his Eagle Scout requirements. In the past year, he also became a black belt in Tae Kenpo.

To celebrate his birthday, we took him to his first concert at the beginning of the week. To close out the week, we took a bunch of his friends to see Captain Marvel on Friday evening, then to Uno Pizzeria & Grill for dinner. (Didn’t it used to be Pizzeria Uno?)

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