For his 14th birthday, we treated Josh to his first concert

Josh was turning 14 this week, and there is this band named Set It Off that he’s really into. Nums looked into it and found out that they would be performing at Union Transfer (a small venue / hall in Philadelphia) on Sunday March 3rd. She made a strong case that this was important to him, so we made it happen. There was a strong winter storm warning in effect, and I had a fire drill going on, but we still made it happen.

We met up with the Josephs earlier in the day to do an escape room and then lunch, and had considered staying all day in south Jersey. With the impending snow storm, I didn’t think it was a good idea for the girls to hang out at a mall until 11 PM at night. Which also wasn’t feasible. So we drove back home after lunch, chilled for 30 minutes, and then Josh and I took my wife’s SUV to drive back down to Philadelphia in the snow.

We lucked out, because although the weather was pretty annoying on the way down to PA, it wasn’t terrible. We made it with plenty of time for the show. I’ve never been to Union Transfer, and it’s basically standing room only. Really? I convinced a bouncer to let us stand in the bar area as I wasn’t comfortable with us standing so close up front next to massive speakers for 4 hours. There were apparently 3 opening bands (3?) performing before the main act, and we stood there for about 3 hours before Set It Off went on stage. We hung out listening to the 3 bands, and I kept an eye on the weather by looking out a nearby window.

After the concert, we walked back to the car and got back on the road. The roads were not bad, so I think we lucked out that the snow turned to rain earlier than planned. We got home late, and ate some leftover Wegman’s frozen pizza. Overall, Josh had a really good time, and he was very appreciative of the opportunity to be at the concert.

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