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The kids on Spring Break

The kids spent a week on their own for Spring Break in April, and I think they enjoyed having a relaxed schedule for a few days. We (the parents) had work, so unfortunately we couldn’t take off or take them … Continue reading

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Lily now has orthodontic braces

Lily is the third and final Ipe getting orthodontic braces. Joshua completed his little journey in February, and I’m hopefully almost done with my Invisalign braces in another 6-12 months. Lily has not been happy with the alignment of her … Continue reading

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Catching up popular films – we watched Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

The Ipes recently stayed in on a less-than-wild Saturday night and watched Crazy Rich Asians (2018). The film came out last year, but now it’s available on HBO Go. Is it a romantic comedy? If so, it’s the first rom-com … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

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Follow-up on the new master bedroom closet

Quick follow-up on our master bedroom closet and the renovation that started last December – we started organizing and hanging up our clothes last month. Still working out what makes the most sense, but so far, so good. Still need … Continue reading

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