The kids on Spring Break

The kids spent a week on their own for Spring Break in April, and I think they enjoyed having a relaxed schedule for a few days. We (the parents) had work, so unfortunately we couldn’t take off or take them fun places. We started off their vacation by the four of us going out to Ruth’s Chris steakhouse for my birthday last Sunday evening, and to celebrate Easter.

The kids spent most of the week watching TV or playing video games. Namita and I worked the entire week, so the kids weren’t against the idea of a chill week without too much responsibility. When we were home, we did things like:

  • celebrating Easter Sunday
  • biking over to Dairy Queen for a ice cream on a hot day
  • celebrating my birthday with dinner at Ruth’s Chris
  • adding a new movie to our vast media library
  • going to visit their friends or bringing them over to our home.
  • had Princeton Tree Care come to remove one dead tree and trim other trees
  • went to see Avengers: Endgame
  • ended Spring Break with Lily getting her braces
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