Newest additions to our 1st floor powder room – window shade and floating shelf

Last week after getting home from London, I finally got around to installing the new window shade (no cord) and a floating wall shelf.

The wall shelf was surprisingly easy to install. The shade took a lot of measuring and double checking and triple checking and leveling. In the end, it’s still not perfect to me because I hit metal while predrilling the last of eight holes in the window for the brackets. The shade is slightly off on one side but it’s barely noticeable. 

I may leave it alone until it bothers me in the middle of the night 11 years from now.

All that’s left is to change out the sink faucet, decorate the room with some pictures and art. We still want to change out the sink, toilet, and probably the floor too, but I think we can hold off for a while.

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