Goodbye old laser and inkjet printers. Hello big honking new color laser printer.

I’ve been complaining about our printers for a while now. We all  have been complaining about our printers. They’re old. They’re wonky. They don’t respond when you send print requests. They weren’t good relationships for us. 

We bought the black & white HP LaserJet 1300n in 2003 to print engagement party invitations, and yes it is really 15 years old. I bought this HP Deskjet 3052 color in 2012 for Joshua’s 7th birthday party, making this inkjet over six years old. 

Girl, you need to leave this broke-ass printers and find a new man. I mean, printers. Man-printers. I think I lost the joke somewhere. 

We really wanted a good multifunction device (MFD.) Copier, laser printer, scanner, and it would be nice if we could print in color too. I thought a small-to-medium size office type machine would work for us, but there’s a sliding scale in terms of quality for scanning and printing, and initial purchase price increases too. You gotta set a budget and be happy with any MFD at that price range, because you can always get something better if you keep spending more and more. We figured a budget around $500-$600 made sense if we were combining devices, but operating costs had to be reasonable.

In the end, after months of research until we got fed up with current printer wonkiness, we pulled the trigger on the device that was the front runner all that time. The HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw. Yes, drink in all that sexiness.

It checks all the boxes for us, and the photo scanning and printing quality seem to meet our needs. We can even print from mobile devices too. I set it up over Friday night for all of our devices and we will continue to evaluate it.

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