My cousin Tessin’s wedding

My 2nd cousin Tessin got married in mid-September. We had to run the usual errands that Saturday morning, including getting haircuts for the kids. We got it all done, but left later than planned. We got to the church in Ridgewood NJ and the wedding service was probably halfway over. Yikes. We sat up in the balcony for the remainder of the service.

After some family photos, we all piled into our various cars to drive to the wedding reception at the Mahwah Sheraton. We had two hours for cocktails so we got some coffee at the attached Starbucks, ate and drank, and made plenty of small talk with people. We also spent a lot of Tim catching up with my sister and her husband about their recent trip to Ireland for a family wedding.

The rest of the reception went as expected. Plenty of long speeches, dancing, waiting on line for watered down drinks. Recently, I was thinking to myself that we’re probably in the desert between weddings. Most of our friends and family have married, and we’re now in a long lull before people’s kids start getting married and we’re the uncles and aunties. Blech.

Then again, after this wedding, I remembered how involved a wedding can be. I think I’ll be okay for a while. 😉

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