We went to Helium Comedy Club and saw Adam Ferrara perform

Two years ago, my sister & BIL bought us a gift certificate to the Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia, PA. Really nice of them. Unfortunately, you know how it is, you can be so busy that you don’t have time to actually use those gift certificates and gift cards. Maybe you do, but we have a stash of them.

We recently sifted through the drawer, and found out the comedy club gift certificate was going to expire end of September. Yikes! We checked the calendar, and found a show that seemed interesting — comedian Adam Ferrara was performing the last weekend in September. We made plans to go out for dinner in Philladelphia, then see his 9 PM show.

We did try to get into our preferred restaurant, but there was a 90 min wait to sit at the bar and eat. To sit at the bar….. and eat. Are you kidding me? We ended up walking down the street to college pub that was decent but really loud. Damn kids. 😉

We killed some time, then went to the show. First time at Helium, and I have to say it was pretty nice. Very spacious, good seating. And good drinks.

Both the guy warming up the crowd and Adam Ferrara were very funny. I feel bad not remembering the first guy. 🙁  

Adam Ferrara was really good. Why haven’t I heard of this guy before? Apparently he’s an actor and comedian, and played various characters on Rescue Me, Nurse Jackie, and The Job. Hmmm. Anyway, like I said, he was very good. If he’s playing in your town, you should go see him. And he was nice enough to let us get a picture with him. I’m still a little miffed that we never got a picture with Roy Woods Jr. last May at Stress Factory.

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