Spending the day at Point Pleasant Beach

Last month at the end of the school year, the Ipes spent a Friday with the Winters family at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ. Unfortunately it was a cool, overcast, and windy beach day. We tried for part 2 this month with a hope for friendlier weather. Turned out to be great weather, so the Ipes, Winters, and I think 52 million other people joined us at Point Pleasant. Wow, it was so crowded. Also of note, while it was free to enter the beach in June, it cost us almost $30 to walk on this time. A little steep.

In any case, we enjoyed the day out in the sun, and we even went in the water. Speaking of water, we spent a good portion of our time being surprised by waves that suddenly and effectively rushed up the shore and swamped our blankets and electronics and bags. 


Oh well. Mostly everything was salvaged, but our little Bluetooth speaker was beyond saving. Poor little Toot Toot.

For dinner, we drove nearby to Surf Taco. Hmmm, good food.

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