July 4th dinner at our house with extended family, and why I need to be less neurotic

On July 4th, we had my in-laws, my wife’s cousin Regi and wife Bimmi visiting from Trivandrum (India) over for dinner. I’ll be honest that this has been in the works for a while, and we had been kinda nervous about doing well. Okay, I was the nervous one. We bought the house 4 years ago for more room, and to entertain people more often. In the old townhouse, we didn’t have parties or lots of people over, because we never felt the house was the right size or perfectly decorated.  

We get to the new house, and we still don’t have many people over, because we’re nervous about doing a good job entertaining, and the house not being exactly how we want it to be yet. This is probably mostly about my insecurity about making sure everyone is having an amazing time. I know, I should get over it.

Well, we had plenty of drinks on hand, appetizers, grilled chicken and corn on the cob and other sides, we had Lily on hand to organize a card game, and I finally hooked up the budget backyard speakers (left by prior owner) up to my Sony AV receiver for background music.

And you know what happened? Everyone had a good time. What have I been nervous about all this time? We don’t need the house to be decorated straight out of a magazine. It’s our home and we welcome everyone. I always worried that we won’t have the right drinks for people. I’ve got my old college mini fridge in the garage stocked with beers, and the bar cart stocked as well with hard liquor. People will drink what’s available. People will eat good food. People will have a good time.

It’s gonna be okay.

From now on, I’ll worry less, and invite more people over. I swear. 

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