Annual beach day after the end of the school year

We took Friday off for the annual beach day at Point Pleasant. As I’ve been told, this is the 6th trip now in a row. Hang out at Point Pleasant on the first Friday after the school year ends. Last year was my first first time. Like last year, it was overcast, but cooler and windy with impending showers. If it rained, we planned to hang out somewhere indoors like the aquarium or the arcade.

I had a few meetings Friday morning (starting at 6:30 am) and Nums also had work to finish up. We got on the road after 10 am, but we made good time down there. Unfortunately it was still cool, cloudy, and windy. One other family made it it out sometime later.

Lily was the only one of us brave enough to jump into the water. For the most part, we hung out at the beach drinking and watching the kids. Oh, and also watching these three young women (exact age undetermined) spend a good 60 mins each posing for the camera holding a drink and trying to look carefree, fun, and glamorous. I mean, a lot of posing, primping, adjusting, angling, etc. Who knew sitting at the beach could be so much work?

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We had lunch on Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, went back out for another three hours, but then finally said it was time to go home. After we got home, we showered, watched some old Star Trek episodes, and went out to dinner for Korean cuisine at Soonja’s Cafe in Princeton. Fantastic food. Really hit the spot.

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