We had a busy Saturday – black belt testing (day 1), a birthday party, the gym, and a high school graduation party

Ooof, Saturday was busy. 

  1. In the morning, the kids had karate classes. 
  2. I also had to catch up on paying bills.
  3. Took the kids to get a quick slice of pizza before Josh began part 1 of testing for his 1st level black belt.
  4. With the large number of kids testing this month, the head of the karate school had students come in on Saturday afternoon for the 1st half of testing, then Sunday morning for the 2nd half (and hopefully passing.) Josh did well during part 1.
  5. We ran to get a birthday gift and card, for a party at 3 pm.
  6. I went to the gym for a pretty good 45 minute run on the treadmill. 
  7. The kids walked down the street for a birthday party. 
  8. I came back, picked up the kids, then we got cleaned up and drove up to Rockland county in NYS for my cousin’s daughter high school graduation party. I can’t believe Marissa was so young and somehow 18 years flew by.

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