July 6 flat tire

Stupid Newark, NJ.

Every so often, when I’ve had early morning meetings this month, I’ve been driving into Newark to park, then take the PATH train into the city. I started doing this a few months ago when I had 1st-2nd-3rd-round interviews in Manhattan, and I got into the habit of the convenience and comfort factor.

Driving to the parking lot, I rolled down my window to hear a very audible and ominous hissing sound. Yeah, it’s gotta be me. With no time to spare (I had an early morning meeting), I left my car with a flat tire in the lot and jetted for Newark Penn Station.

In the evening, I had to call AAA to help me change out the tire. I was in a suit, and it was way too hot in July for me to sweat it out like that. I should have taken a picture, but there were seven nails in the tired. Seven. Unbelievable. It ended up costing me about $250 for a new replacement tire.



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