Visiting the Silverball Museum in Asbury Park

I love playing pinball and old video games.  Always have.  Last month for Father’s Day, we went to Asbury Park to hang out and enjoy the day out. We had initially planned to also visit the Silverball Museum, but ran out of time. Since we had to go back to pick up our glass items from Hot Sands (made last time), we decided to check out the museum too.

It’s a cool little place. Located right on the boardwalk, you can play any game you want, for about $10 / hour. You could pay $25 for an all day pass, but an hour is more than enough time. Plenty of old mid-20th century pinball games, up through the early 2000s. They also have a number of old video games also, like Donkey Kong, etc.  I don’t think I would particularly go out there just to play there again, but I’d go back if I’m already there.

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