I upgraded the home PC to Windows 10 Home edition and I’m liking it

I am crossing off items on the task list with a vengeance. A small amount of vengeance. With determination? I’m trying, people!

It has been much delayed, but I made time this week to begin identifying and backing up any miscellaneous user data and application settings before the big upgrade to Windows 10. As a rule, we keep all user data on the secondary HDD.

I last rebuilt the home PC in 2012 with Windows 7, so it’s been long overdue for a refresh. My original plan was to deactivate a copy of Windows 8 Home sitting on my sister’s old laptop. I had rebuilt her laptop in October 2012 during Super Storm Sandy, but they stopped using it. I got the laptop from them, but was unable to power up the laptop and free up that unused license. Dang it.

In the interest of time, I purchased and downloaded a new license of Windows 10 Home, burned it to DVD, and installed it. Within an hour, I had the new OS up and running. I had opted for a clean start, but was surprised to find some of my prior GOG.com Star Wars 90’s / 2000s games still there on the C: drive. Not only that, these old DOS games were still workng. Without needing a reinstall. How odd.

So far, I’m really digging Windows 10. It’s fast. It’s fresh. It’s user-friendly.

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