Our solar panel system is officially up and running. Huzzah!

Since last we spoke, the Ipes were patiently waiting for our township to provide their certificate of approval, so that we could complete the rest of the process, and then turn the system on officially.

It took more than the expected two weeks, but eventually the paperwork came through. We got the call Wednesday afternoon that everything was done, and we could power on the system. The system (i.e. the inverter) has technically been “On” for a month, but whatever. I went through all of the steps outlined in the latest email from Trinity Solar to initialize the syste. I “re-paired” the system (I think), and that’s it.

I also called Trinity Solar to find out about monitoring power generation, and they emailed me a link where I could register. Once I was in, it was interesting to discover that the system has been collecting solar energy since November 11th. I don’t think that went anywhere, but I should follow up.

I haven’t seen any paperwork from our utility yet, nor do I have any idea how to get on one of these SREC exchanges where we will eventually sell our excess energy. I suppose we’ll eventually figure it out.

I’m glad it’s finally done. I believe I had started down this exploratory journey back in January, so it’s been a long time in coming. In the first six months of the year, we had met with three different companies (Sungevity, Solar City, and Trinity Solar) through many in-person and over-the-phone meetings. So much analysis and research. Discussions on whether we wanted a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a lease, or to own. So much work to secure financing so that we could own the system.

A long time coming.


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