I’m not all that impressed with Windows 8

I gotta be honest, and state that I’m not all that impressed with Windows 8. My sister’s old laptop running Windows 7 was certainly in need of a wipe and a fresh installation of the OS, but they didn’t have a Win7 installation disc. Without it, I didn’t have much luck in cleaning up their system. For lack of a better option, and Win8 is now out for the inexpensive price of $39, I decided why not? Besides, I can play with it as a sandbox.

The installation took less than an hour, and I had the OS up and running. As a self-avowed technologist, Windows 8 is not intuitive. I didn’t find maneuvering through the new ‘Modern UI’ interface to be all that comfortable, and I didn’t find the interface itself to be all that intuitive.  Also, after all these years, Microsoft has removed the ability within the main ‘Modern UI’ interface to have multiple windows on the screen. No windows? Frankly, it seems better suited for the smaller tablets and phones. On a desktop (without a touchscreen), it’s not all that. For now, I intend to stick to my beloved Windows 7.

Installing Windows 8

I rebuilt my sister’s old laptop with the new Windows 8.

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