Hanging up some artwork and the cats weren’t helping

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m always proud when:

  1. Whatever I cook actually turns out decent, e.g. grilling a meal doesn’t turn into a sad disaster.
  2. Whenever I hang up something, big or small.

To help decorate the house, my wife Namita ordered some very tall artwork to hang in the family room above the fireplace. For many weeks, the large box containing the tall artwork sat in our dining room taking up space, because we didn’t have the time to bring over the Little Giant ladder. Finally, we got the ladder over. As soon as I set up the ladder, first one cat, then the other, ran up to the top of the ladder. And proceeded to fight with each other.

I swear, they are like the dumbest cats I have ever met.

After two attempts, I got this tall painting up, level, and at the correct height.

I like it.

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