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The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

With the kids staying overnight with their grandparents this week, Namita and I went out on a Thursday night to the Menlo Park Mall to see The Hundred-Foot Journey. We could have seen it closer to our home, but Menlo has … Continue reading

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Lukas’ 1st Birthday Party

Memorial Day weekend, we took a drive up to northern NJ (and our old stomping grounds) for baby Lukas’ 1st birthday party. Friends Kanishk and Sofi put together a really nice backyard birthday party for their son Lukas. There was this … Continue reading

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New iPod and portable speaker purchase

We had a small get-together of friends this past Saturday, and we knew that we sorely could use some background music. We went looking at Target last Friday night before the party, and picked out a 16 GB Apple iPod Nano … Continue reading

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New Weber Genesis E-330 BBQ grill

Five years ago, my sister and BIL Robbie bought us a really nice Kenmore BBQ grill for Christmas. My first ever grill. It was good for a few years, but the interior began to rust over time. Not sure why, but … Continue reading

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Taking in a Trenton Thunder game on a Tuesday evening

A few weeks earlier, Namita took the kids to that National Night Out event at the PAL fields. In some contest, Lily was able to name all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and won us four tickets to see the … Continue reading

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A cub scout trip to the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle

Josh and I attended one of the summer cub scout pack activities organized by one of the parents. A number of us drove out to Doylestown, PA, to visit the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle. I had never heard of either, and … Continue reading

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House fixerups and other updates

A quick update from my last post: 1. I figured out 99% of the “walkway lights not lighting up” problem. I identified the lights as belonging to Lowe’s in-hoise Portfolio brand, did a bunch of research about low-voltage outdoor lighting … Continue reading

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A day at the beach in Ocean City, NJ

My sister made the suggestion that we should really get together and have a beach day before the end of the summer. Who was I to argue? Namita was unavailable, because she had vacation bible school starting the next day. … Continue reading

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I am slaying the spider’s web of home office cables using UT Wire Flexi Cable Wrap

During the many years that she has lived with me, my dear sweet wife has suffered nightmares from the nest (spider web?) of wires that sprouted, hung, and otherwise splayed out from everywhere in and around the desk. Power cords, HDMI … Continue reading

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Drumroll please – We bought a new vacuum cleaner – the Electrolux Precision Brushroll Clean

Our poor Dyson DC07. We’ve had it for eight long years, but it’s been dying a slow death. It was expensive, but you could tell it was born of great engineering. I still wasn’t crazy about the exorbitant pricing, however. … Continue reading

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