House fixerups and other updates

A quick update from my last post:

1. I figured out 99% of the “walkway lights not lighting up” problem. I identified the lights as belonging to Lowe’s in-hoise Portfolio brand, did a bunch of research about low-voltage outdoor lighting and how it works. I found both the beginning and the end of the circuits. I found the transformers for each string. And I planned to disconnect and swap the transformers, to determine if one was bad.

And then I discovered it was unplugged from the outlet. Doh! How did it get unplugged? The outlet cover was closed too — were the previous owners just messing with me?

I said 99% resolved, because the last light on that string is still not lighting up, but I haven’t had the time to further troubleshoot.

2. After about a week, that replacement rubber tank gasket is leaking now also, and the tank is back to refilling every 30 minutes. Maybe the gasket shifted and warped slowly in a week? Argh. We found more problems in the kids’ bathroom, so I left a message with the plumber this morning. I don’t have time right now to deal with fixing all of those problems.

3. Electrician coming today to diagnose and potentially replace a mysteriously non-working recessed lighting fixture in the kitchen. We are also going to inquire and price out adding additional recessed lighting to the basement, and removing the hanging pool table that I keep knocking into.

4. The new home alarm system is getting installed today. I hope it is not a pain in the butt to use.

5. We ordered our new Weber Genesis E-330 liquid propane grill this week, and it is ready for pick up. Our new patio table and chairs are also here. I need to find time to put them all together though.

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