I took apart a toilet and I feel fine

I like to think my DIY skills are improving over the years. I started in electrical years ago with replacing ceiling light fixtures, then graduated to minor plumbing work to replace toilet tank components and sink fixtures. In the past few years (especially this spring), I did a lot of landscaping work at the townhouse. As a general rule, though, I try to stay away from heavy duty plumbing jobs. Simply not my forte.

A week after moving into our new house, we have been finding odd little things not working. Hmmm, what an odd coincidence. I now have a healthy “To Do List” to work through. Most obvious was the constantly running toilet in the kids’ bathroom. I’ve experienced it before — usually it is a worn out flapper in the tank.

I recently went to Home Depot (trip #1, you can start counting now) to purchase a new 2.5″ width flapper. Installed, still leaking. Huh? I measure it the flush valve opening again, and oh, maybe the flapper is just too narrow to completely cover and prevent seaping water out? Hmmm.

I go to Home Depot (trip #2) to purchase a 3″ flapper. Install it, and it doesn’t fit. Huh? Nope, too big. Alright then.

I stare intently into the bowl and see tiny water dribbles and ripples in the water. I go back to Toilet Repair 101, and note there could be a bad or corroded seal between the tank and the bowl. There is a flush valve, a rubber flush valve gasket, and big old nut all in between. Staring intently deep into the flush valve, I notice a red something sitting unevenly or askew. Uh huh I think that rubber flush valve gasket could be it. It could be more, but should I try replacing one first or replace everything while I am here dissassembling the toilet?


Trip #3 to Home Depot commences. I have decided to only replace the gasket. Josh and I find it, we come back home. Josh helpfully plays in his room while I insert the new gasket and reassemble the toilet. Reconnect everything using various wrenched, pliers, and swear words, and no more leaking, running tank!

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