Lukas’ 1st Birthday Party

Memorial Day weekend, we took a drive up to northern NJ (and our old stomping grounds) for baby Lukas’ 1st birthday party. Friends Kanishk and Sofi put together a really nice backyard birthday party for their son Lukas. There was this whole bowties theme, very nice food, and good music. All through out the party, we were pretty impressed by how much effort these two put into everything. We didn’t know many people, but our mutual friend Raj was there as well, so that was good. I’m not the greatest at walking around and introducing myself to people I don’t know, but I tried. I may seem to be comfortable, but it’s a lot of mental effort for me.

We don’t get to see either Kanishk or Sofi very much these days — we’re busy with our life, and they just survived the first 12 months of raising a kid for the first time. It’s not easy, and  I say that from experience. These days, I really want us to get out more, and see the friends that we haven’t really spent time with in years. Yes, I’m trying to make up for lost time, but the guilt of not making not seemingly making enough effort bothers me. Call this a good first step.

The weather held up, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Afterwards, we had to run some errands, but we were eventually able to find time to stop for 30 mins at a nearby Barnes & Noble in Clifton, and chill out for a while.

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