I am slaying the spider’s web of home office cables using UT Wire Flexi Cable Wrap

During the many years that she has lived with me, my dear sweet wife has suffered nightmares from the nest (spider web?) of wires that sprouted, hung, and otherwise splayed out from everywhere in and around the desk. Power cords, HDMI cables, USB cables, speaker wires — it was all such a mess. Now, I wasn’t happy about it either, but it was up against a wall, so I could find ways to ignore how it looked. In the new house, however, the desk (and the spider web of cables) is front and center in the home office. Many married men know about W.A.F.  — Wife Acceptance Factor. If your wife is not happy about something, you will know of her displeasure.

What to do? Much researching ensued, and I found a pretty cool solution. I picked up 8′ of UT Wire Flexi Cable Wrap from Amazon.com. You spread open the wrap, run your cables through the resulting slit, and “seal” the Flexi Cable Wrap back up by squeezing the cable wrap closed again. With 8′ of cable wrap, I was able to wrap the 1st set of cables coming from the 1st monitor, cut off the extra portion, and use it to wrap the 2nd set of cables coming off the 2nd monitor.

I gotta say that it looks a whole lot better now. I was never much crazy about all the messy wiring, but I decided to simply deal with it later…. for years. But now, it couldn’t be ignored. I don’t know why I didn’t deal with it earlier, but this Flexi Cable Wrap stuff was pretty awesome. Sure, now it looks like I have two hoses, but it’s a lot neater.

Hidden wiring behind the bookshelf makes it look so much neater.

Hidden wiring behind the bookshelf makes it look so much neater.

Next up? All those stupid Ethernet cables and power cords hanging down from the router and access points and external drives. I used my Black & Decker cordless power drill and my trusty (and beginning to come in very handy) Porter Cable jig saw to cut open a slot in the backing material of one of the bookshelves. I routed power cables and Ethernet cables through this slot, and hid the wiring behind the bookshelf. I still have about 3′ feet of power cord, speaker wires, and Ethernet stretched along the floor between desk and wall. I ordered a cord concealer, which I will use to conceal the last of the unsightly cables. My wife is pleased and can rest easier tonight. I am pleased too.

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