We bought a Little Giant 26′ ladder

We bought a Little Giant 26′ ladder recently. It arrived without a scratch, but you wouldn’t think so by looking at the condition of the box it came in. Yeeesh.

So what do I think of the ladder? The good news is I have used it once so far to fix some exterior portion of the vinyl siding that came loose a while back, so that’s good. I still need to get around to using it in our tall living room to clean the ceiling fan or to fix some curtain hooks way out of reach of normal men.

The bad news? In the videos, the pitchman moves and reconfigures his ladder with finesse? Me? This 26′ ladder is damn heavy, and hard to reconfigure due to the sheer weight. Not impossible, but not easy for one person.


Our Giant Ladder arrived via a white glove” delivery service

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