More storage, Captain! We bought a WD My Cloud NAS device

We’re running out of space around here. I’ve been digitizing our Blu-ray and DVD collection, and my original 2 TB hard drive partition has rapidly filled up. What to do?

I have a dream of having our music and video collection available to be served to multiple devices around the house, be it video in the master bedroom tv, music streamed to the backyard patio, or downloaded to our tablets. After much research into various Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices attached to our network, or building my own server, we’re not ready yet to buy a full-fledged, powerful machine. With the house purchase, selling our home, upcoming moving expenses, and furnishing the new home, I can’t invest in what I really want. For now, a budget NAS device with Gigabit Ethernet will have to suffice. After much reading, I settled on the WD My Cloud drive. It has 4 TB of space (no RAID), and Gigabit Ethernet. After copying 9 hours of video to it, it’s running quietly and working fine. So far, so good! In a few days, I’ll delete the originals on my PC.


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