Memorial Day weekend 2013

I love a good 3-day weekend, even if it requires running from one place to another. I prefer excitement over sitting around….. sometimes.

Saturday – Full day planned. Lily had her dance class, then Namita met me there so I could get some much-needee time at the gym. I even brought Josh with me for a different experience.

He and I had a quick lunch, then we went home to meet up with the girls, did a little fun “window browsing” house hunting at a new development in our area, then made our way to Six Flags Great Adventure to pick up our season passes. The weather cooperated, albeit cool and windy, so we hit a few rides before leaving. Yes, after all these years of living near a Six Flags park, we’re making an attempt to actuslly go there. After leaving the park, we went to a local diner for dinner.

Sunday – We skipped church (“Nooooooo!”), relaxed briefly, then I was off to the supermarket to get food for a pre-planned picnic with friends at Rosedale Park in Pennington, NJ. After we whipped up a mess of gyros, we loaded up anything we could think of, then drove to the picnic.

The park was nice, and we had a nice spot next to a lake. We brough Josh’s bike, and I accompanied him around the park. Unfortunately, it got hot, and I was not prepared to run or jog along side him for such a long duration.

After the picnic, the big group of us drove to the nearby Terhune Orchards for a little wine tasting. Long (and fun) day.

Monday – Josh and I woke up early to dress up and head out to walk in the town Memorial Day parade as part of his Pack. I hadn’t participated in a parade since 5th grade when I myself walked in a town Memorial Day parade holding a flag for our school. We had time to grab a quick breakfast, but I was temporarily flummoxed to find most town streets already closed to traffic. We eventually found a spot to park, and speed-walked to the parade spot.

After the parade, we went home, changed our clothes, then all four of us went to “Rebounderz” in Edison. My wife found a really good deal in Groupon for admission for the four of us for 90 minutes. After checking in, watching the safety video, getting shoes and helmets, putting them on, we made it to the trampoline area. Completely crowded with small kids and rambunctious teenagers. The area was policed staffed by similarly young people equipped with whistles and were not afraid to blow the whistle at you for any transgression, including being too close to someone else.

Rebounderz is nice in principle, but with so many kids, and a strict rule for only one person per trampoline, it wasn’t that fun for us adults. I was out there briefly, but got annoyed by the lack of freedom. Lily hyper extended her knee after falling 3 mins into being out there, so Namita spent her time applying an ice pack to her knee, and didn’t get to jump around. Josh had some fun at least. Lily felt better towards the end of our 90 min window, so we let go jumping with Josh in the foam pits.

After all that, we hit up New Brunswick for dinner at Old Man Rafferty’s and frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Mental note – never, ever ask for a steak grilled medium well. It was promising, but way overcooked.

And that was the end of our 3 day weekend. I hooe your’s was just as good.

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