Hurricane Sandy

So Hurricane Sandy arrived, and found the Ipes somewhat ready!

All of last week, the news of Hurricane Sandy’s imminent arrival was the talk of the town and workplaces. At my office on Friday, we all took our stuff just in case the storm arrived Sunday. We did hit the supermarket for last-minute supplies on Sunday (and I also got a quick haircut!), and we hunkered down ready for the storm. It was pretty overcast all day Sunday, and the winds picked up. For most of Sunday, it didn’t rain until late. However, the wind was constantly blowing. I think it started raining around 5pm. The kids and I played Star Wars on the computer while the wind howled outside. Around 6 pm, Nums suggested we gather the flashlights and candles so we could find them in case of a blackout. Around 7:30 pm, the lights began to flicker, and I was worried about losing power. I shut off the computer, and started warming up dinner for the kids in the microwave. I got one bowl warmed up before the lights went off. Ah well.

We heated the rest of our dinner on the stove, and then played Battleship in the living room by candlelight. I occasionally stuck my head out of the kitchen window, and the wind made my head feel like I had stuck my head out of a car window on the highway. The Northeast doesn’t experience hurricanes often, so I’m not sure how the folks in Florida and other places in the Southeast deal with this on a regular basis.

We got power back abruptly around 10 pm, and woke up to the house in good shape this morning. The only problem I’ve had so far is that I haven’t been able to log into the office network all day today. I was fine yesterday, so who knows. I’ll try again tonight.

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