Updating my website

Okay, I’m sure that people have noticed that I haven’t been updating my website all that regularly these past few months. Yeah, it’s been sporadic at best. Why is that, you may ask? I dunno, we’ve just been really busy. I do the regular Facebook and Twitter updates, but for the most part, life hasn’t been all that exciting. I’m pretty busy at work, as is Nums. On the weekdays, we’re just coming home to take care of laundry and other mundane tasks. On the weekends, we’ve been busy with making it to soccer games, dance classes, and the occasional other event like birthday parties and seeing some people every once in a while. We also misplaced our digital camera for a long while, so we were relegated to camera phone photos.

I promise to make more of an effort to update here more often going forward. I don’t know how many other people read this postings, but it’s generally updated so that I can remember what life was like for us. If I don’t keep up on documenting, then it’s time lost.

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