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I’m not all that impressed with Windows 8

I gotta be honest, and state that I’m not all that impressed with Windows 8. My sister’s old laptop running Windows 7 was certainly in need of a wipe and a fresh installation of the OS, but they didn’t have … Continue reading

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Justice League: Doom (2012)

I watched Justice League: Doom (2012) today in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, as there was little else I could do today. This direct-to-video film came out in 2012, and was produced by Warner Bros. Animation, much like the other DCAU … Continue reading

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Updating my website

Okay, I’m sure that people have noticed that I haven’t been updating my website all that regularly these past few months. Yeah, it’s been sporadic at best. Why is that, you may ask? I dunno, we’ve just been really busy. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy

So Hurricane Sandy arrived, and found the Ipes somewhat ready! All of last week, the news of Hurricane Sandy’s imminent arrival was the talk of the town and workplaces. At my office on Friday, we all took our stuff just … Continue reading

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Lunch with my parents for a belated wedding anniversary dinner

We met up with my parents around here to celebrate a belated wedding anniversary lunch. Dinner at our local Mahzu, which was very good, but my parents didn’t like it very much. Mental note: my parents do not like Japanese cuisine.

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Josh can use a book as a pillow

Back in my early college days,  I often fell asleep on my textbooks. Hey, organic chemistry wasn’t the most exciting. When I came into their bedroom tonight, it brought back memories.

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Josh joined the Cub Scouts

Josh recently joined the Cub Scouts. We had the opening ceremony a few weeks earlier, but there hadn’t been much going on since then. This week, the “den” he belongs to announced that they would be selling popcorn for their … Continue reading

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My in-laws stayed over for a night

Guess who’s coming over for dinner? My in-laws came over for dinner and to stay over for one night. Their furnace wasn’t working, and it’s been unseasonably cold around these parts. We’re like a refugee shelter!

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Now I know where Kara Kent gets her laundry done. Who knew?

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Toasty likes me

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