I’m considering a move to Android

What holds me back? In my limited exposure to the Android OS, I haven’t played with it, navigating all the options. For whatever reason, it hasn’t been automatically intuitive. For example, when I was playing with the Nexus phone at the VZW store this week. On the phone keypad, I couldn’t find the backspace button. I don’t recall recently becoming a non-nerd or an idiot, but I couldn’t figure it out. From what I’ve read, it seems that there is a learning curve, but there is more to get out of Android. So I’m tossing the idea around in my head for what to do in Nov.

The reason I went to AT&T was for the selection in smartphones, and eventually the iPhone. As well, I’m a big user of voice and data simulaneously, because AT&T uses GSM network. Nowadays, Verizon is moving towards Voice over LTE (“VoLTE”.) They already support simultaneous voice and data now (using both the CDMA, 802.11, and LTE radios, so I could theoretically use data and voice (in an LTE coverage area.) Couple the ability to use data and voice with the lure of large 4.8″ AMOLED, a new OS, wider data coverage, and begins to push me towards Verizon. Oh, also, I use way more Google products/apps than Apple products, do that’s another “pro” reason to switch to Android.

Something to think about in the next few months.

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  1. Jim says:

    Go for it! I’m switching back to Android with Tmobile. I’m on Verizon right now but their new data share plans are absolutely shitty. If I want to upgrade, I’m going to be forced to switch to them and lose my unlimited plan. F@#$ that. $50 for 1 GB… are you freaking kidding me? I use 2-3GB a month on average. It would be over 100/month just for one line. No thanks.

    As for the nexus, I was considering that phone but ultimately chose the s3. I’m glad I did. It is a nice phone. Plus you can add an micro sd card on the S3; you can’t on the Nexus. That was one of my main decision factors since I take a lot of pictures and video with my phone. Damn kids and their “what did I look like as a baby” rambling.

    The Nexus is based on Galaxy S2 hardware. They should be releasing an updated phone shortly.

    There are no physical buttons on the nexus, so all your buttons are “soft” buttons on the screen itself. That’s what google is heading towards. The manufacturers aren’t really following their lead… that’s why the S3 has a single button.

    I love the iPhone. The carriers are now the problem. Bye bye iPhone.

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