Vacation Bible School 2012

I just wanted to make a small note here for posterity’s sake — My wife wrapped up running her latest church program. For the 2nd year in a row, she ran our church’s vacation bible school this summer. To accomodate potential volunteer and attendee schedules, she changed up the format from a week-long program for the kids (as in years past) to a program tailored for adult and children running from Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, following by the customary “Celebration Sunday” service on Sunday morning jointly run by our church and a neighboring church.

It went very well, and I think I hear everyone enjoyed it. Why am I writing all this? Just to give my wife some well-deserved kudos for working hard (again) to help her community, and also so I could post this family photo!

2012 Vacaton Bible School -- family photo

2012 Vacaton Bible School — family photo

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