Dinner at Mehtaphor

I found Saturday to be a pretty decent day for me. Most weekends are full of activities, Saturday wasn’t so bad. I woke up a little before 9am, helped my daughter get ready for swim class, but my wife took her to class. My son and I had breakfast, and hung out at home to try out our trial version of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The girls eventually came back, and the kids and I played Star Wars for an hour or so — I drove the mouse & keyboard, and they each sat on an armrest and told me what to do with our new Jedi character. My wife left to run her errands.

Around 1pm, I took the kids to walk and get some lunch, then we watched some television / Netflix. So far, unproductive yet immensely relaxing for me. I rarely get to sit my butt down most weeknights and weekends, so this was a much needed opportunity.

Around 4pm, I ran two errands, and then we all got ready to hit NYC for dinner. We were going to our friend Plexy’s surprise 40th birthday party at Mehtaphor, a restaurant down in the Tribecca neighborhood. We were supposed to be there by 7pm, but encountered heavy traffic on the way.

We arrived on Duane St a little after 7pm. I dropped the three of them off on the street, was lucky enough to find street parking, and walked to the restaurant. A small snafu occurred, as I was looking for the restaurant and I spotted Plexy and his wife Sheba getting out of their car 100 feet ahead of me. I panicked and bolted, but I had nowhere to go. I ran to a nearby building glass entrance, and then saw my friend Lesh. Weird. I opened the door, and it happened that this was the restaurant. How odd?

Well, the surprise was somewhat ruined as the guest of honor apparently saw me running. Also, his wife was getting a lot of text messages, so that made him a little suspicious as well. Ah well.

Dinner at the restaurant was good. The head chef was apparently a runner-up on the 2009 Iron Chef reality competition. We ordered drinks, and agreed to a 7 course tasting menu, chef’s choice. Over the course of the evening, the staff brought out small dishes with various items to eat, like oysters, a mini pizza, etc. It was all very interesting and different.

Unfortunately, with all of us being college-educated geniuses, not one of us thought to ask how much was the tasting menu beforehand. Suffice it to say, it was a small fortune per person, and let’s leave it at that. It was a very good experience, something different, and I suppose you only get to live life once. Now we all have a good story to tell. Our wallets are lighter, but we have a good story.

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