I’m not impressed with Hulu Plus

Anybody using Hulu Plus? I’m testing it out this week during an initial 1-week trial. A year later, why am I finally trying it? Well, my wife and I want to catch up with episodes from this season of The Good Wife. We don’t want to purchase more episodes from Amazon.com, so streaming from Hulu seemed like the best solution.

We normally use the PlayOn media server client to stream my the desktop PC to the PS3, but I couldn’t get it to work last night. I figured to use the trial version of Hulu Plus, since we could then stream directly from the Internet to our TiVo Premiere.

Well, setting it up was easy enough, but here comes the rub. No Good Wife. Apparently, from what I read online, content available for Hulu is separated for PC, Mobile, and TV. Content that is tagged for PC-only won’t be available for watching in your living on your tv.

That blows. I’m canceling this Hulu Plus trial. If I’m going to pay $7.99 a month, I want all the content available to be through any medium.

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