Avenue Q down on the Jersey shore

Avenue Q: The Musical

Avenue Q: The Musical

Friday night was this month’s “date night.” We have a friend who was a cast member of NENA Productions, performing in a local production of Avenue Q performing down at the Jersey Shore Arts Center in Ocean Grove, NJ. I’ve wanted to take my wife to see a NYC Broadway show for a while now, but timing and exorbitant prices for good seats have held us back. Tickets for a show = $20 each, and a friend in the cast? Sold!

I got home as soon as I could from work, picked up Joshua, and we dropped off the kids for the evening. We had a fairly tight timeline before the 8pm curtain went up, so we barely had time to make it to Ocean Grove, grab a slice of pizza, then head across the street to the Jersey Shore Arts Center to buy tickets and find seats. We did just make it, so we lucked out in a way. The show was great, and we both had a great time. The finale ended right around 10:20pm, which gave us 40 mins to exit, walk to the car, and drive quickly and expeditiously back to pick up the kids by 11pm.

Did we make it? Yes. Another day in the life of the Ipes. If you’ve been thinking of seeing the show, and live in NJ, now is a good time to see the show. It’s a limited run, so go see it if you enjoy watching a good musical, even if it is with puppets.

Winner of the Tony Award “TRIPLE CROWN” for BEST MUSICAL, BEST SCORE and BEST BOOK, AVENUE Q is part flesh, part felt, and packed with heart. AVENUE Q is a laugh-out-loud musical that tells the timeless story of a recent college grad named Princeton who moves into a shabby New York apartment all the way out on Avenue Q. There, he meets Kate (the girl next door), Rod (the Republican), Trekkie (the internet sexpert), Lucy the Slut (need we say more?), and other colorful types who help Princeton finally discover his purpose in life!

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