Father’s Day BBQ Lunch

On Friday, I requested to work from home. Lily’s school (and Josh’s former school) has hosted a lunch in honor of Mother’s Day for years now, but nothing for the fathers. I’m not taking away any credit from the mothers here, but we fathers could use a little respect. ;). Hey, it’s he sentiment that counts.

My wife wouldn’t let me go the cheap route and buy pre-made supermarket pasta salad, so she got up early to prepare it for me to take there. That’s how these parties usually work — parents in each class sign up to bring in a particular item. I got to the school around 12 noon, and yes, slight bedlam. Most of the tables, chairs, and food were out, but it was still in progress. My daughter’s class was already seated, but the teachers were trying to keep the kids seated and hydrated. Not being a lazy jerk, I helped out where I could with getting various kids juice boxes, and putting additional tables out.

Father's Day BBQ Lunch

Father's Day BBQ Lunch

Once all the kids were out and seated, and fathers had arrived, everyone started eating. Oye, more bedlam. For some reason, the dads were relegated to a separate table from the kids. Uh, what was the point of this? I got food for Lily, and sat for a minute or two at the dads tables, but got bored, so I decided to just stand behind Lily’s seat. At least I could interact with my flesh and blood.

The other fathers weren’t really talking to each other anyway.

While eating my lunch, I tried to be helpful by bringing juices and extra stuff for Lily and her classmates. I give credit to the teachers, because without naming names, some of those kids are crazy. Two boys were spraying juice and water all over, then stomping in the resulting puddle. I had to separate them twice. One of those boys then proceeded to entertain himself by running through the parking lot.

Towards the end of the lunch, the fathers started disappearing, leaving cleanup to the teachers and whoever else was left. Unbelievable! I stayed with maybe three other parents to help the teachers clean up the trash, and bring tables and chairs back in. A few more hands would have helped, so I can’t understand how these other parents can just walk away and let someone else clean up. How are these young female teachers supposed to watch YOUR kids AND clean up after everyone’s mess?


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