I joined Twitter, and it’s interesting

I’m one of those guys always trying to figure out how technology can make my life better. I keep abreast of what tech is out there now, what is coming out currently, so I know when I should incorporate something into my life. I’m not an early adopter by any means. I like to keep my life simple, e.g. I don’t maintain eight different email accounts. Often times, I take time to understand how something works long before I try it. Case in point: I heard about CMS systems like WordPress from friends LONG before I switched over to it.

Twitter has been on my radar since it came out a few years ago, but I couldn’t figure out how it would make my life better. I’m on Facebook and that’s where I do my status updates for friends’ perusal. Twitter seemed to be an unnecessary overlap. I’m not a celebrity, nor do I want to follow the Kardashians and their breakfast adventures. I didn’t know many people on Twitter either.

So what was my rationale to finally sign up? I think I see a potential use for micro-blogging. There are funny little thoughts & ideas that run through my head that are too insignificant for blogging, and don’t need to be posted every few minutes to Facebook. I use to use Flickr for posting dumb-but-funny mobile pictures, but now it won’t show every picture. I can use Twitter for posting pics instead.

To bring my micro-blogging and blogging together, I’ve added a Twitter widget to my WordPress page. I will continue to try out Twitter, explore it, and find out if I like it. So far, it’s certainly interesting.

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  1. IpeFan4Lyfe says:

    Just an FYI: I wouldn’t post those “I checked in…” updates on twitter. There was a site out there called “break into my home” or something to that effect that basically showed the statuses of all the people from twitter and facebook that weren’t at home.


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