I found an injured kitten on the road

What an eventful and heartbreaking morning. I was working from home on Friday so I could attend a Father’s Day lunch at Luly’s school that day. This morning, I dropped off my daughter to school, and was on my way when I saw something black and oddly shaped on the street near my house. Was it a black sock? I got closer, and saw that it was a black kitten lying down on the street.

I quickly pulled up, and realized it must have been run over, and too hurt to move. I called my wife, told her the situation, and asked her to bring me the old cat carrier and a towel, and some gloves. I had to get this kitten to a vet, and without getting injured in the process. It looked to be a stray, and you never know about rabies. The kitten was hissing a lot. It was wet, so I think it got run over during the night, then got caught in the rain, helpless to do anything about its predicament.

We got it into the carrier, noticed an open wound on its leg and I called our local vet. They couldn’t get me an appointment right away, so they gave me the number of an animal rescue organization in nearby Englishtown. I called there a few times, but only got an answering machine. Now what to do? This kitten was severely injured, and I had no idea where to begin to diagnose and treat it. I said screw it, you can delay a person on the phone, but you can’t do much when they’re right in front of you. I decided to simply drive to the animal hospital, show them the kitten, and make them to force me to turn away.

I got there, told them who I was, and said I would cover expenses. They saw me (us?) within 30 minutes, and our old vet saw the kitten. It had a broken left front leg, possibly dislocated. There was indeed an open wound, and the entire body was infested with lice. The kitten was also dehydrated.

The vet decided to treat her right away, and if I would agree to surrender her to them, they would cover all expenses. Surprised by their generosity, I repeated my offer to cover some of the fees, but the vet said again not to worry about it. The vet said the kitten may lose its leg, but we’ll see.

I hope she makes it.


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