‘In a world…’ where movie trailers are awful

I’m officially tired of watching movie trailers in the movie theater.  I want the world to understand that is a big statement for me.  Traditionally, I’ve always enjoyed the trailers. Years have passed, and now, if I have to sit through one more trailer, I’m gonna cram popcorn in my ears until the sweet bliss of deafness protects me from these trailers.

So what happened, you may ask?

  1. I have paid $10 to watch a movie. I’m not a loser, so I’ve probably brought my wife or friend, so this could be over $20 for two. I want to see the movie, but have limited time.  I know I’ll have to get seats early, so I’ll get stuck watching 20-30 minutes of the same 8 commercials and anagrams repeating over and over. I then have to watch the trailers. Meanwhile, I’m on a tight schedule, and can’t waste my time on movies I don’t care about.
  2. There are good trailers and bad trailers, but the trailers are always the same theme.  See MSNBC’s 5Top of awful movie trailer clichés.  I’ve heard them all, and I’m absolutely sick of them. “Everything you know is about to change.” Oh really?  Is it now?
  3. Finally, the most important point of why I don’t want to watch movie trailers at the theater anymore. I’ve already seen it. Look, back before the Internet made everything you know change (ha ha), watching a trailer at the theaters was the only way you’d know about upcoming movies. It was new, it was fun, it was exciting. Flash forward to today. There are entertainment news websites that tell you what movies are being produced. At any point up to the movie’s release, there is a multitude of information out there for the fans.  Teaser trailers. More teaser trailers.  Trailer #1.  Trailer #2. Red band trailers. Production stills.  And even a movie synopsis or two.  You name it, it’s been out there for a while over the course of a year or two. 

And that’s the key point.  If you are a fan, you’re already aware of the movie, and have seen the trailers to the movies you want to see on opening night. Why should you want then sit and see that trailer again, and all the crappy trailers to the crappy movies that you don’t want to see, before you ever get to see the movie you wanted to see in the first place?

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