Willis Haviland Carrier is the man

First off, I thank Willis Haviland Carrier for inventing air conditioning in 1902.

Our central air conditioning system is working again. The repair guys came Friday afternoon. They found two problems:

  1. We were out of freon coolant, or specifically, “Refrigerant 22”. To replace, it cost us $4 per ounce, and $270 for replacing 4 lbs. of the stuff.
  2. Our air filter was filthy, which I hadn’t been replaced in years, as I didn’t know how or where. If I had a manual……

So yeah, whatever.  More refrigerant, replaced air filter (which I ran out and bought from Home Depot), labor, and taxes.  The house is comfortable again.

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2 Responses to Willis Haviland Carrier is the man

  1. T says:

    so out of curiousity, how long will the 4lbs last you?

  2. Joel says:

    I asked him about that. He said you generally never have to replace the refrigerant, so there might actually be a slow leak. I think we had this done in 2006, so if that is the case, 3 years.

    If it is sooner, then we need the guy to come in, spend a few hours to open up the unit, and find the leak. He said it would be costly — $500 or so.

    Since our unit is reaching the twilight of its years, I asked him about how much a replacement would be. To replace everything that should be replaced, it would run us between $6000-9000.

    I went, “Oh.” Homeownership is not cheap.

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