I seem to be annoyed with technology at the moment

As  a technophile, it would be a strong statement to make that I seem to be annoyed with technology at the moment.  Why doesn’t it all just work?

  • I’m experiencing continuing woes with my brand new Verizon FiOS service.
  • I started cleaning up my desktop PC of old programs, uninstalled Firefox 3.1 beta, and this wiped out all of my bookmarks from Firefox 3.5. Why?
  • I can’t get my Apple Airport Express to work on the new network (using my FiOS Actiontec router.)  Apple makes their stuff to be idiot-proof, but you know what? Reducing the customer’s ability to diagnose a problem depending on whether there is a flashing amber light is stupid. This one fellow Simon Brown reported that it took him 2 hours to setup his Airport Express.  2 hours to install a stupid little white device? I’ve gone through the pdfs, forums, and what-not, and nothing. A number of people say it just started working all of a sudden.  That’s just great.  Let me know when that happens.
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