A beautiful and relaxing weekend in July

So my new thing is to avoid doing any work on my weekends and free time.  I have this guilt that I should always try to do more, but it’s not good for me long-term.  The weekends are there for a reason, you know?

On Saturday, my parents came over to help with the landscaping and general garden work at our house.  We had BBQ for lunch where I grilled….. chicken and hot dogs! I have to get better at this grilling thing, because the hot dogs burned a bit.

In the evening, we went to wholesale club shopping, because we were out of stuff like diapers.  I’m always amazed and saddened to find lots of families shopping on Saturday nights at the wholesale club.  Amazed that people are shopping at the wholesale club on a beautiful Saturday night.  Saddened to find myself shopping there as well, when we should be out doing something spectacular.

On Sunday, we had church, some minor errands to run, picked up new sandals for Lily, lunch, and then the pool.  After the kids went to bed, my wife and I watched about half of that 2008 Definitely, Maybe movie with Ryan Reynolds and Abigail Breslin.  Barf. Who writes this stuff?

Man, great weather this weekend, and I’m glad we got to enjoy it.

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