Verizon FiOS installation on Monday

Yup, they’re coming on Monday, 8am, and we’re ready.  I’m taking a vacation day, as I asssume I won’t have any internet access for most of the day.  Of course, I copied a lot of files over to my laptop so I can do work while the Verizon installer is puttering around in my house for the day.

I’ve been reading up on what to expect.  From what most people have experienced, the guy shows up around 8am, for 4-8 hours, installing the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and possibly even replacing the coax in the house.  We had no idea where this guy was going to be installing and working in the basement, so we spent time cleaning up the basement in various locations.  I happened by chance to speak to one of my neighbors on the way to the recycling corner, and he just switched to FiOS a week ago.  He took me on an imprompto tour of his basement, where they installed it in his laundry room.  I dunno at this point.  I suppose I’ll just point him to the basement, and keep him off of my couch, and drinking my beer.

I’m not thrilled by being forced to use their stupid wireless router. I’m a geek.  I like to use my own stuff.

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