O Canada! Our home and native land! Week 2 begins

I’m here.

I didn’t think I’d make the flight today.  Well, I kinda knew I would, but I started to have my doubts.  There were some family errands today — Josh’s haircut, grocery shopping, laundry.  My wife and I split the kids up and hit the county, running around.  For my 5:15pm flight, I was driving to Newark Airport and parking at the long-term economy parking lot to save money (instead of car service.)  There was traffic on the NJ Turnpike, and I had left late too. 

At least I checked in online. Somehow, I still made it to the gate with some time to spare.  Of course, the 5:15pm flight became 5:20pm, 5:30pm, and 5:50pm. I went to talk to the agent, and she said it was a mechanical issue, no time on the actual departure.  Simultaneously, I get an alert from Continental that the arriving flight was delayed.  Yeah, the arriving flight was delayed.  Total BS, since we watched the previous flight’s passengers arrive on time and disembark. 

We eventually arrived in Toronto about 35 mins late.  The thing is, it’s all okay.  It’s all in the life of being a traveller.  35 mins late?  Feh.  These days, that’s a good trip!

We’re driving an orange Ford Edge, which is actually a pretty nice mini SUV.  I like it. My coworker and I hit a nearby Applebee’s for a quick dinner.  As the server took our order, she asked what kind of gravy we wanted on our french fries.  Gravy on french fries?  Thanks, but no thanks.  🙂

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