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Lily’s first tooth and first steps

Lily experienced some big steps today — literally and figuratively.  At the doctor’s office today for her 1-year checkup, the doctor saw her first tooth beginning to pop through.  Yowzers, finally.  Just like her older brother, she started teething about … Continue reading

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I think Spring is finally here

Is Spring finally here? The weather seems to have picked up. Today, we hit 70 degrees, and I took the kids to the park to hang out at the playground. Lily had her experience on the swings, and Josh got … Continue reading

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The end of Battlestar: Galactica

This month, I watched the end of Battlestar: Galactica. It wasn’t canceled. After the 2003 miniseries and four seasons, the writers wrapped up the story. I’ll really miss the show as the show was simply unpredictable — you didn’t know … Continue reading

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The Island (2005)

On a Saturday night (when we can’t go anywhere fun with the kids), I had some quality geeky alone time.  I watched my latest Netflix movie, The Island, starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, among other well-known character actors.  It’s … Continue reading

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ShamWow Guy In Slap, Chop Bust

Vince Shlomi, the ShamWow guy got in to a fight in South Beach with his $1000 hooker. Shlomi and the hooker were both arrested for felony aggravated battery. How is this guy affording a $750/night hotel room, and a $1000 … Continue reading

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Made of Honor (2008)

So we watched Made of Honor Friday night, borrowed from a friend. First of, I want people to know that we had low expectations. Turns out, it was even worse than I imagined.  Formulaic to say the least, but the … Continue reading

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Picard steals the show on Family Guy’s Star Trek reunion

Total awesomeness.  Check the link for a 2 min clip for the upcoming Family Guy episode.

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Len Berman’s Tour of Citi Field

The new stadium is lookin’ good.  I can’t wait to see a game there, but did they say 15,000 fewer seats than Shea?  Larger version on the original site here.

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The Orange Box and LittleBigPlanet

This month, we purchased our first two PS3 games.  We purchased The Orange Box with the PS3, and we recently added LittleBigPlanet to our collection.  Now we have a collection of…..two. 🙂 The Orange Box includes a few games – … Continue reading

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The day Joel bought a $10 chicken salad sandwich

Today will be the day infamously known as when I bought a $10 chicken salad sandwich. So I’m working in NYC, and a number of us have a 1pm meeting.  We decide to go downstairs to the cafeteria to grab … Continue reading

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