I think Spring is finally here

Is Spring finally here? The weather seems to have picked up. Today, we hit 70 degrees, and I took the kids to the park to hang out at the playground. Lily had her experience on the swings, and Josh got to push her. Some of Josh’s classmates showed up, and I watched him run around with them.

It was a nice weekend overall. Did I mention it was Lily’s birthday on Saturday? Yeah, we kept it simple — a late breakfast at a nice restaurant Saturday morning, then just hanging out as a family, and we went to a church event in the evening. The actual birthday party will be next Saturday.

I can’t believe Lily is 1 years old now. Heck, we can’t believe we survived 12 rounds, er months, with her, but we did. We were spoiled with Josh — he was always so easy-going as a baby, and later, as a little guy. Lily has been the baby with a little attitude and a heavy need for attention. Luckily, she’s cute as can be, so I guess that makes up for it. 🙂

My wife and I played LittleBigPlanet together this weekend.  I played for a while by myself yesterday (got really far), but I hit a number of areas where you need a friend along in order to get special items like stickers and stuff.  She joined me today for 30 mins, and we had lots of fun.  Just like in real life, I really liked having her there for company. I have the best fun with her that way.

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