Daily Archives: April 15, 2009

Home alone with the kids

This is an interesting week, and a complete reversal of sorts. Next week, I’m on the road, as I have been in the past during my career, and she’s managed on her own to take care of the home, then … Continue reading

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Killzone 2

My other redeemed-rewards-points PS3 game arrived today: Killzone 2.  I installed it this evening, but I haven’t had an opportunity to play it yet.  Too many other things to do around here than to play videogames.  I have played the … Continue reading

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Indian cookies are funny

I’m not sure why I find Indian cookies amusing, but I do.  Let’s be accurate.  It’s not the actual cookies — they’re delicious.  I find the packaging and marketing of them amusing. I love the wholesome boy on the Parle-G … Continue reading

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