It’s been a quiet Canadian week

First off, thanks to everyone who called, texted, emailed, or FB’d me about my birthday yesterday.  It’s nice to be loved.  Biggest surprise of all?  My friend Paul in Detroit (and I am under the distinct suspicion that “The Hand of Namita” was involved) drove up to Toronto to hang out with me Wednesday night.  Four hour drive, boys and girls. 

Paul drove straight from work, and met me at the hotel.  We hit an Irish pub, chilled out, and ate dinner together.  He crashed in my hotel room, and was out the door at 5am to head straight back to work. Normally when I hang out with friends, we pull a long night, and stumble to work.  This time around, we had to admit we’re getting older.  11pm, after working all day, we were both ready to get some shut-eye.  Especially since we had work the next morning!

I want everyone to know that I’m having a good week, albeit it is a bit cold.  Again, what was I thinking to forget my jacket?  It was such beautiful weather last Sunday back in NJ, who would be thinking about the cold?  Maybe the folks who were travelling to cooler climates that day!

It’ll be nice to see my family again on Friday, and I’m naturally looking forward to seeing them again.

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