Canada, we meet again

It’s been a year, but I have made my fateful return to the Toronto area this week.  I’m here on business, and it feels nice to be back.  I’m here on work, but I always enjoy Canada.  To be honest, I think Montreal is okay, but I like the city of Toronto.  It’s very metropolitan.  Lots of places to see, lots of great restaurants, and I think the people are nice.   I’m not actually staying in Toronto this trip — we’re in Mississauga, but maybe we’ll get to visit.  One of my wife’s cousins lives somewhere around here, so I should try to visit him and his family.

The trip itself was pretty uneventful.  No problems getting to Newark airport, flight was on time, no problems with bags, and the hotel is pretty nice.  Even better, they upgraded my car rental (at no cost) and I’m driving a Chevy Trailblazer.  What can I say?  So far, so good. 

This is also a good week, as it’s my birthday on Wednesday, which marks it the 2nd year in a row that I’ve spent my birthday in Canada.  Coincidence? I think not.  I think it’s a conspiracy involving the Canadian Prime Minister, and possibly the Queen of England?  Why the British Queen?  The question is why not? 🙂

I think I’m rambling.  Long story short: I’m north of the US border, everything is peachy. Don’t text or email me, because I’m roaming, and will cost me each and every time you write. Wait until I get back, but if you need to reach me, the cell phone works fine.  I love having a phone that works internationally.

UPDATED: Man, I have such a bad memory.  My wife was kind enough to remind me that I was home last year during my birthday, and not up north.  I was actually working in NYC that day.  I wonder why I thought I was in Canada during my birthday last year?  Blame the encroaching senility!

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  1. iv says:

    I thought you were in canada, for your wedding annivers.

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