Ah, I’m home for 48 hours

It’s good to be home.  We got back with with just a 45 min delay (late arriving aircraft) on Friday. It was a decent week overall.  I forgot to mention one tidbit from my flight last Sunday.  I normally sit in the aisle, because I like the legroom (and more access to the overhead storage bins and easy egress.)  Coincidentally, I was sitting next to one of my coworkers on the flight in.  As we were passing over the US/Canadian border, my coworker says, hey there are some waterfalls down there. I said, “Waterfalls?”  I look down, and it was this beautiful overhead view of Niagara Falls.  Man, it was one the neatest sights I’ve ever seen from an airplane.  It was just so cool to see the American and Horseshoe Falls from that angle.

I got home in the evening, and had enough time to chill out for 30 mins.  Then I got some of the supplies ready for the sitters, and my wife and I went out for a sushi dinner for two.  Afterwards, we took a drive over to this little cafe in town that we’ve never visited before, but figured why not, for dessert.  It’s one of those little corner cafes where they’ve hired high school kids to serve food, electic couches and chairs and tables, and live music.  We sat eating dessert, chilling on a couch, and listened to these three guys play instrumental 60’s music, such as songs from the Rolling Stones.

Beautiful weather today.  My parents came over to visit in the morning, and we cleaned up a bit outside and inside. After a few of us took a short nap, we drove over to Princeton to check out Communiversity. I’ve never attended, but the Arts Council of Princeton puts together this street fair in downtown Princeton.   One of those walk around, see what people are doing and selling types of street fairs.  The big highlight? I introduced Josh to fried dough / funnel cake.  Yes, he liked it.

I’m going to do laundry Sunday morning, then I’m back on the plane for Week 2 starting Sunday evening.

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